We Grow Great Gardens One Plant at a Time

32483 S Mathias Road, Molalla, OR 97038
April - June Tuesday - Sunday 10AM - 4PM
July - October Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 4PM
or by appointment
Not only do we have beautiful plants and gardens, we also have dogs, cats, goats, and chickens!
Bring the kids for a day on the farm!
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Sawyer has the best smile
and he loves to greet visitors.
Tiny Tim -- The cutest baby goat EVER!!
-- and his forever best friend Levi
Emma. Is one of our favorites. Ask us
about the first time we met her.
We currently have 6 dogs on our farm:  3 house dogs (found in the back yard on nice days), and 3
Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) who live with the goats and protect them from predators.
Riley, our 'pseudo-corgi'
Annie, our junior LGD.  She loves to
show off her goats in exchange for
Max is our senior LGD. He loves his
goats and does not want to leave them.
The Goats.  We love our goats. While they are milking breeds, we do not have time to milk them.
Instead, they are pets and we have babies each spring for everyone's enjoyment. If you are interested
in some goats of your own, please ask to see if any are available or if we have any babies for sale.
Scooter was our first bottle baby. Boy
have we learned a lot since then!
We have a growing number of chickens of all shapes and
sizes.  They are really good bug and slug control! We are
also teaching them to eat weeds.
Our Senior Rooster and a hen
enjoying the gardens.
The Seramas
These adorable little birds are native
to Malaysia and are the smallest breed
of chickens.  Be sure to check out their
fancy digs in the garden.
Allie our Fluffy Corgi
Lucas is our LGD in training.  He has
GROWN since this picture.
Spring brings new babies.  Follow us
on Facebook. We will be  announce all
new arrivals there.  Be sure to come
visit. They are a riot of cuteness. .
Burt is a huge, but very sweet boy.
All the Momma are very loving and
attentive to their kids.